"We are prone to judge success by the index of our salaries  or the size of our
 automobiles rather than by the quality of our service and relationship to mankind"
   -Martin Luther King, Jr.


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Student- Led Conference
  **Write about a memorable activity or fun event that  you had in any one of your classes.  Write why was it memorable.
  **Personal Goals

Memorable Activity
  - One memorable event that happened to me for this year is maybe the inspection for Color Guard ROTC Special Teams. It was memorable for me because it was the first official competition relating to military topics that had ever happened in my 15 years of existence in this world. Pressure, tense, comfort, honor, happiness, recognition, and most importantly motivation were some feelings I felt during this event. Air Force officers were there and the fear I've been feeling inside was pretty much pumped. Although, my team managed to do it successfully and so a celebration occurred.

Personal Goals
   - My personal goal is to go to my dream college school in Texas.
   - I will achieve my goal by maintaining good grades and not fall back down in the line no matter how hard obstacles get in my way. I'll make myself used to studying and focusing on school related topics more often. Lastly, I would help my parents by working part-time and put it in my bank account for college purposes.
   -Another personal goal is to get into military school.
   - Not a lot of people get into this school in a swift and easy process so I expected that not everything is going to be easy for me. Though, to achieve this goal of mine: I'll take the ROTC course so I would have a little bit of knowledge of what do military school mean. What is it like? Is it going to be just marching? Or were also going to do some studying? I'll also do the best out of me to get the scholarship they're offering.
   - There's a lot of distractions that I can't just avoid that easily. Number one pivotal reason of it is technology. Since technology is popular and whether its school-related or outside-of-school topic, technology is the best way to attract somebody's attention. I still have to fight myself to not touch any of my gadgets for once I touch them--trust me--- you'll have to wait till midnight or sometimes later than that.
   - The people or things that can help me achive my goals are of course my family, friends, and some guide from my instructors. Technology is also considered in my list even though I included it in my distraction list. Technology because it is an easy way to do your project and works. But ONE person I know that will never give up on me, and will always be there to pick me when I fall is GOD. He is the one I really trust my future with and faith to him to be with me in my voyage.