"We are prone to judge success by the index of our salaries  or the size of our
 automobiles rather than by the quality of our service and relationship to mankind"
   -Martin Luther King, Jr.


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"Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that, but the really great make you feel that you too can become great.
- Mark Twain

  - the way you see yourself

  - I'm an individual who possess this type of personality. I prefer to remain isolated or in the company of very few people. Majority of my friends said I am formal, idealistic,less social,and brood about the future. I asked them if it's a good thing or a bad thing, and they played safe so they said it was half-half which I understand too. I kind of remain passive and avoid being in the center stage, or recognition of any kind. A really close friend of mine said that I'm inscrutable and I pretty much believed him too. I may appear dull and devoid of enthusiasm to others but I guess I'd rather have people not like me for being me than me being someone I don't want to be.

  - Yes, I may be an introvert person and all that but I'm also frank. I would say that I'm very direct and to the point and maybe that's why I barely have friends. I'm not the type of person to fake the real me just to get popular or get recognition from others. As I have said, its okay to not have a million friends in this world as long as they like you for who you are and that they'll always be there for you and support you no matter what. I'm just tired of those people who try to  be "nice" when all the activity that's going on inside their head is "OMG, he's so stupid and such a retard or he's so ugly etc." If I don't agree on something, I would totally tell you. I just don't give my countenance if I know I didn't express my feelings or attitude toward something.

Music Lover
  - I'm just living in a world full of music. I'm addicted to it, it always catches me off guard, it pushes me to continue my voyage through the sea of obstacles and reach the paradise of life. I really think music is what keeps me inspired and motivated to do something. I believe music play a major role in my life and that its also a big factor of what makes up "me" and all about "me".

   - I'm a book nerd. You can call me that. I admit when I was young I thought I would never get interested in books. Not because I'm shy to know people that I read books and they consider it an activity for "nerds" but because I just really don't get along when it comes to reading. Everything changed though--it happened 4 years ago. An author came to our school and talked about how she discovered her interest about writing a book. She discussed about how she published her book, where she gets her ideas, and what inspires her. She gave out her books to us for free and that it talks about a girl who used her writing skills to win a competition that would pay her a big amount of cash where she would also use for her mother's medical needs. I read it and for the first time in history, I never stayed up late at night READING a book. After that, reading and writing had always been my thing. I base my stories at my personal observations and experiences as well.

   - Pluckiness is a personality I got from my mother I believe. She's a really strong woman and I idolize her so much. Half of my pluckiness also was from my dad who always challenges me with everything. My parents raised me and my siblings with a knowledge of having the courage to face whatever obstacle it is that's in your way. They give us lessons about having faith in ourselves that we can do it and we'll get through it. Although, I have a plucky personality I don't use it all the time to the point that I make a decision base on it.