"We are prone to judge success by the index of our salaries  or the size of our
 automobiles rather than by the quality of our service and relationship to mankind"
   -Martin Luther King, Jr.


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  - the potential to learn

Stick Shift
     - When I was young, my old friend would always drive me to his farm with his big and rusty truck. He owns a big lot where you need a vehicle in order to go around it in a whole day. He's an old man who always wear those Michael Jackson jackets for he was a big fan of him. For 10 years of riding his truck, I always wondered what that device he's using that he keeps on moving in different positions. He wanted to teach me how to drive his truck so bad but my parents would say I'm too young for it so when he left this world and went to heaven, I promised that when time comes I'll learn how to drive a stick shift and use his truck to visit his place.

Be able to run a mile easily
      - Running was the hardest activity when it comes to Physical Tests. Since I have ROTC, we do a lot of marching and being fit is considered. Every Friday we would go to the field and run 4 laps which is equivalent to a mile and after 2 laps, my legs starts to hurt and my feet are numb. So, right now my goal is to make myself used to habit of running and other exercising as well. If ever that happen, I'll try and increase the distance I run.

Pilot a plane
     - Being a pilot is not in my list of what I want to be someday but wishing is not limited. Isn't it? I watch a lot of movies relating to pilots who achieved great success and how it made an impact to their lives. There are also some where tragic events occur and doleful moments fill their hearts. Then one day, I was playing with my siblings and I saw planes pass by, I heard their engines making sounds I've never heard before and wondered "What if I'm the one who's piloting that plane? How would it feel?"

Play Guitar
    - Guitar is an instrument that is important to music. A band would never be complete without a guitarist, a singer can sing just with a guitar without a drum or any other instruments. Most of my classmates know how to play one and it really make me jealous of them. I don't even know how to properly carry it.  I want to learn how to play the acoustic kind because of the unique sound of strings it produces. One of the very main reason why I want to learn is because of my band.

Read Music Sheet
       - As you see, reading music notes is needed in order to play a real instrument. I mean if you don't have the capability to read music notes then you won't be able to play anything you haven't heard and sometimes you still won't play it correctly. Friends and relatives are telling me that it is not necessary to learn how to read music sheet but the general consensus of my investigation is that having the knowledge of reading sheets are important to the musical development. I want to learn how to read because I don't have the skill to play through sound alone.