"We are prone to judge success by the index of our salaries  or the size of our
 automobiles rather than by the quality of our service and relationship to mankind"
   -Martin Luther King, Jr.


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  - a skill you already know

Gardening Skills
  - Gardening have always been the most fun to do when I hang out with my brother. I can do lawn care, flower gardening, landscaping, transporting trees, and other things. I learned to do all those skills when I was 8. My brother in fact is the one who introduced me in this gardening activity. He actually grew with my grandmother who owns a big lot where they grow crops, they also have variety of trees in there, they have a very good source of food supply. My brother never gets bored whenever he does it. Then, one day I was bored and I was watching him move a plant to another set of plants. I got interested and joined him. Ever since that time, gardening had a space in my "fun-to-do list".

Fix a broken computer
   - Computers are the way of the world but there is nothing more annoying than a broken PC. First time it happened to me was the night before my project's due date. And I have no idea what to do since I don't know what the term "virus" mean except the science term of it. So I was forced to use another computer and learn how to fix it. After that, I started learning about how to remove viruses and other related-topics that involved fixing computer.

Ride a bike
     - I always ride my bike in the mornings and afternoons on weekends. It was my daily routine to do whenever there's no school, or its weekend. I got my first bike when I was 5, of course it still the one with training wheels. No one taught me how to do it. I just watch other kids using it, they ride on it like a pro, I observed how they ride, how they maintain their balance. It all just came to my mind that I already knew how to ride a bike in a week of observing other kids playing with it. Now I have the type of "Jump and Slalom" type of bike. It's a strong one and designed for jumping, street racing and of course slalom. It offers a front suspension and very strong components dedicated to what they do.

     - Cooking is really exciting too.
When I was younger, I would always help my mom make
dinner for the family and bake cakes or pies for special events. I loved using a measuring cup
and measuring out different ingredients, such as oils, flour, and sugar, and then using my hands
to mix batter. Although, cooking is my favorite pastime, I often get very frustrated in the kitchen especially when nothing seems to go right. I like cooking Filipino dishes and I'm also starting to learn how to do the "kelaguen" food and all that kinds of Chamorro food from a friend.

   - Sign-language is popular nowadays. It wasn't really in my list to learn but I guess influence of other people work in different ways. It sometimes good, it's also sometimes bad. I don't use it often though since not some of my friends don't know how to communicate using it. Its a cool kind of modern trend that I kind of liked. We actually used it for our Team Shirt last year. It says "TAGA".