"We are prone to judge success by the index of our salaries  or the size of our
 automobiles rather than by the quality of our service and relationship to mankind"
   -Martin Luther King, Jr.


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Hello there,

  I'm Florence but you can call me Flo if you want. I'm okay with neither of it. I am a sophomore and is currently studying at John F. Kennedy High School. I'm 15 years old and I have 5 brothers and 2 more sisters (I know-big family). Anyways, I write songs; I actually composed 3 songs already and I just finished writing my song about two girls who don't know if they're still "friends". I'm more of an old-fashioned type of person and I actually like it. I love listening to country, ballad, R&B: I also listen to Pop music but not that fond as I am to the earlier genres of music I just talked about. I'm also a local author..haha...I call that to myself only because I write stories but none of it was really published. So basically, you can say that I'm addicted to music and also a book nerd. I actually made this site by the reason of my Business Career teacher saying its part of our grade but since I am accountable for this...I guess I'll have to take responsibility of maintaining this site. This site is actually about me myself- my Learning Styles, Aptitude, Lifestyle Goals, Ability, Values, and Interest. This is were you are going to be able to explore the real me and the daily things that happens to my life. I'll kind of warn you, I'm not really a type of person who takes a lot of pictures (selfie, group pictures, etc.) but I'll try and do my best to keep you updated with whatever is happening to me.  And pretty much I also like feedbacks or messages from you guys who are visiting my site. To start it off, I uploaded a picture of me and it was taken yesterday October 2,2013. That's actually my uniform day for ROTC. That's not really the nature of my hair: its actually straight its just that I put my hair in a bun for a day and when I untied my hair ----that was the result!